Award winning guitarist and composer, Jordan Brodie, is celebrated as one of Australia's finest young guitar players. His live performances are a testament to his remarkable fingerstyle technique, exceptional songwriting, and captivating storytelling and showmanship, which have earned him the title of “the future of acoustic guitar playing in Australia.”

Audiences have consistently praised Jordan for the soulful depth, remarkable variety, and outstanding technical proficiency displayed throughout his music. Whether he's delivering soul-stirring ballads, sentimental interpretations of Disney classics, drawing inspiration from Australian landscapes, or infectious melodies of gypsy jazz, he consistently weaves compelling storytelling into his performances. Beyond being a performer, Jordan also embraces his role as a passionate educator, eagerly sharing valuable insights about the guitar with his audience. The result is a performance that ensures there's something to captivate every listener, from budding guitarists to music lovers. 

Jordan's latest album, "Riff Raff," showcases his fun, cheekier side with catchy, groove-based tunes (and, of course, a few ballads!), drawing inspiration from the likes of Tommy Emmanuel, Emil Ernebro, Michael Fix, and Joe Robinson. In support of his album, Jordan embarked on his first New Zealand tour in early 2020. In 2022, touring was back in full swing as he joined the "Acoustic Guitar Spectacular" Tour with Australian virtuoso guitarists, Michael Fix and Jamie Clark. 

He has graced stages not only in Australia but also across the globe, with performances in Canada, Ireland, Germany, and New Zealand. Performance highlights include: The West Australian Guitar Festival, Acoustic Guitar Spectacular Tour (Queensland), Tanks Arts Centre (Cairns), Newport Fiddle and Folk Festival (Melbourne), Lions Bay House Concert (Vancouver), and CastleHacket House (Galway). Don't miss the opportunity to experience this emerging master of the guitar!

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